To apply for a 1 hour LabGap session all you need to do is complete a short form. Then a LabGap assistant will inform you when a match has been made. The LabGap Sessions are informative for edtech & schools and provide great opportunities for both groups to enhance their learning and understanding of the sectors.

Session Details

Session Time: 1 Hour

How many Participants: 10 – 20 Students

Resources: Feedback Pack Provided


Complete Form (see below)

keep the session fun, engaging and snappy – LabGap will support with delivery if required.

5-10 min presentation to explain your tech product to learners

Arrive 30mins before session to set up

Please contact the school 1 week before session to confirm booking

If you are planning to take photos, record videos, interview students please get 
authorisation from the school.


Ed-Tech Form 

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