How it Works 

LabGap helps to connect schools and tech companies together in a seamless format. This is done by completing a short form, which provides LabGap the information to match each party. The LabGap Sessions last for approximately 1 hour and gives the school & ed-tech company a greater understanding of each sector.


LabGap sessions offers Edtech companies great feedback on their product and provides them insight into how to keep their tech current and relevant. The feedback also helps students to articulate themselves and gain a glimpse of some of the soft skills required for industry


LabGap will help Edtech and schools to form better relations between the education world and industry. The Edtech mix will enlighten learners about the current digital skills needed and provide them with a better insight of the tech jobs available 


I love working with Mark: he is straight down the line, he doesn't fancy things up for the sake of it, and he is passionate about education because it makes a difference in people's lives .
Torsten Stauch - CEO, Appshed

Mark has great insight into the UK education system and ed-tech products that aid instruction and learning.  
He is a very helpful consultant for any school or ed-tech company! 
Clara Galan - Content Marketing Manager

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As publisher of Techmix magazine - the UK's leading digital skills magazine for education, it's crucial that we work with ed-tech experts such as LabGap. Mark's expertise and knowledge of the ICT curriculum is second to none. Edward Baker - Publisher, Digital Skills Agency

Mark has provided invaluable advice in how to adapt our materials to make them curriculum ready.
He has a great appreciation of how to effectively connect coding to real life learning in the classroom
Rachel Swidenbank - UK Operations



We love Mark's enthusiasm for the potential of technology to enhance learning. The feedback he has provided has been very valuable for our prototypes, helping us to better understand what works and what doesn't work in the classroom. Peter O'Shaughnessy -  Developer, Future Technologies at Pearson

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