To apply for a 1 hour LabGap session all you need to do is complete this short form (below). Then a LabGap assistant will inform you when a match has been made. The LabGap Sessions are informative for edtech & school and provide great opportunities for both groups to enhance their learning and understanding of the sectors.

Session Details

Session Time: 1 Hour
10 Minutes – Presentation by Tech Company
35 Minutes – Testing Technology
15 minutes – Feedback / Q&A

How many Participants: 10 – 20 Students

Check List

1. Complete Form (see below)

2. Inform the relevant staff or SLT that guest will be on site. ( Tip: Add to School Calendar )

3. Technician available to support

4. Check Internet filters will provide access to ed-tech’s product

Do not leave ed-tech company in the classroom on their own to run the session.


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